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Reaves Buildings are the complete package. In the market for a livestock facility, a storage shop, a commercial space, a barndominium or anything in between? Reaves Buildings has your solution. Our buildings are custom designed to meet our customer’s needs and are built like no other. We design, build and supply engineered buildings through innovative practices and experienced professionals.


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About Us

As a returning Veteran, Lloyd Reaves saw a need for quality, affordable housing and had his ‘aha’ moment when he noticed a specific product being used to build mobile homes. Bowstring trusses. He knew then and there that this factory he had purchased would change the face of construction, and the use of wood trusses.

Our Purpose

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Component Manufacturing Co.

Our Objectives

To honor God in all we do. To help people develop. To pursue excellence. To grow profitably.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build a family of companies, each of which serves its customers in distinctive and important ways, and each of which reflects the practical application of biblical values throughout. To deliver our product on time with zero errors.
Our People

We build and maintain solid relationships of respect among ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers, encouraging the growth and well-being of each employee.

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CMC Truss Line
CMC Truss Line


From start to finish.

Whether it be our Sales Managers, Design/Engineer Tech, or Estimators, a Reaves Representative will sit down with you and formulate a detailed plan.

Our Systems

At Reaves, we stand behind our products and our process. We understand the importance of planning and designing the building that has the versatility you need. That’s why we take time up front to listen and plan with you.

Our products – your project. That’s the Reaves Difference.


Reaves Buildings: Your Trusted Builder for Barndominiums, Livestock Facilities, and Commercial Buildings

Partnering with Reaves Buildings means choosing unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Reaves Buildings are engineered solid.


Reaves Buildings is your trusted partner for beautifully crafted barndominiums (aka shouses) that blend the rustic appeal of a barn or shop with the open living space and comforts of a modern home.

Using wood construction, our skilled engineers go above and beyond to craft barndominiums that surpass your expectations for design, functionality, and durability. Find out why we prefer wood as a better option for constructing your building.

Whether you are looking for a shouse or barndominium that blends in or stands out, our experience with personalizing barndominium plans, balancing the interior finishes of traditional home living quarters with the utility and versatility of a shop space.

Wondering how to get started on a barndominium or shouse? Check our FAQs or contact us today! We can answer questions about barndominium cost, initial barndominium floor plans, living space/shop space ratios, how our wood buildings stack up next to metal buildings, what costs per square foot to expect, building materials, and much more. Reaves Buildings is ready to help you make your dream barndominium a reality!

Agricultural Buildings

Reaves engineers are experts in constructing solid livestock buildings that prioritize the safety of your animals and your equipment, while being sustainable and energy efficient.

From dairy barns to equestrian centers, our team understands the unique needs of different animals and engineers facilities that optimize their comfort while enhancing operational efficiency.

If you need a grain facility, equipment shed, or multipurpose ag building, look to Reaves Buildings to deliver a facility that is engineered solid.

Shops and Sheds

Reaves Buildings are meticulously engineered to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions and our shops and sheds are no exception. With the strength and durability to endure 90-mile-an-hour winds and heavy snow loads, our machine shops and sheds provide a secure and protected environment for your valuable equipment.

Rest assured that your machine shed will be constructed to exceed industry standards, delivering the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to their exceptional durability, our buildings offer a range of customizable options to suit your specific needs.

Whether you require additional storage space, workshop areas, machine shed, or specialized features, we can tailor the design and layout to ensure optimal functionality and convenience.

Commercial Buildings

For outstanding commercial buildings tailored to your business needs and location, look no further than Reaves Buildings. From the roof to the foundation, top to bottom, our team of skilled professionals employs cutting-edge techniques and uses industry-leading materials to deliver spaces that are engineered solid and to your project specifications.

From industrial warehouses to commercial complexes, your building will meet our high standards for durability and functionality.

Contact us today to discuss your project and let us bring your vision to reality with our expertise and dedication to excellence. We are happy to lend our expertise when it comes to thinking about the long-term use of a commercial building, how to make it more energy efficient, what building materials are ideal for the land, while keeping cost, budget, and timeline on track.


Have questions? Not sure where to begin? Need a quote? Reach out to Reaves Buildings today and we’ll help you get started on your dream project!

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Your Project. Our Products. At Reaves we stand behind our products and our process. We understand the importance of planning and designing the building versatile enough to meet your needs now and in the future. That’s why we take time up front to listen and design with you. Whether you are looking for a design that stands out or blends in, we can help!