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Our Story

A brief history of Reaves Buildings


As a returning Veteran, Lloyd Reaves saw a need for quality, affordable housing and had his ‘aha’ moment when he noticed a specific product being used to build mobile homes. Bowstring trusses. He knew then and there that this factory he had purchased would change the face of construction, and the use of wood trusses.

Lloyd also realized that wood truss technology could be the solution to all the reasons why buildings fail. After spending many years perfecting the process of applying wood truss technology to other building components, such as wall and roof brace panels and special columns, Lloyd was awarded a patent for his invention. From the beginning Lloyd knew the importance of innovation in construction, but knew innovation was nothing without dedication and quality craftsmanship. His motto has always been “growth through excellence” and this is what he has instilled into his company.


Our success hinges on quality relationships, with open, timely communication and constructive feedback. We’re committed to fostering a supportive, enjoyable environment built on kindness and compassion, treating others as we’d like to be treated.


We cultivate and uphold strong relationships founded on mutual respect among ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers. Our commitment extends to fostering the growth and well-being of every employee within our community.


We cherish the inherent worth and uniqueness of every individual. We recognize and honor each person’s contribution, valuing their opinions. Our work environment is characterized by openness, honesty, support, and fulfillment. Trust forms the cornerstone of our company.


We aim to create an exceptional workplace—a dynamic company committed to continuous improvement. Our dedication to embracing world-class practices in quality, timing, involvement, and precision reflects our commitment to excellence.


To glorify God through faithful stewardship of all entrusted to us, while fostering a positive influence on all who engage with Component Manufacturing Co. and Reaves Buildings.


To honor God in all endeavors, empower personal development, strive for excellence, and achieve profitable growth.


Our vision is to cultivate a family of companies, each uniquely serving its customers with distinction and significance, all while embodying the practical application of biblical values. We are committed to delivering our products promptly and flawlessly, ensuring zero errors.


We prioritize the establishment and nurturing of respectful relationships within our team, with our valued customers, and among our trusted suppliers. Our commitment is to foster the growth and well-being of every employee, thereby ensuring a cohesive and thriving environment.