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Reaves Buildings Explains The Costs Of Building A Barndominium

Building a barndomium (aka barndo), or a shouse, is an exciting idea. The Reaves Buildings team is ready to lead the way in building your dream home. In this blog post, the Reaves team answers a couple questions we get often about one of the most important questions – cost. Let’s review some financial basics about building a barndominium with Reaves Buildings.

How much does it cost to build a barndominium?

To make your dream of living in a barndominium come to life, you need to know how much barndo you can afford.

Reaves Buildings engineers and customizes barndominiums based on your needs. The finishes you choose and custom features you want will raise or lower the price of your barndominium. As a general rule, you can calculate a price per square foot to build a barndominium, much like building any other home or building.

Barndominium Costs Per Square Foot

Here is example pricing on a fully-finished barndominium (a completed house with a finished shop):

  • House is 1500 square feet (all on 1 level)
  • Shop is 2250 sq. ft
  • Total = 3750 sq. ft
  • Then, 3750 sq ft X $125.00 to $135.00 a sq ft = $468,750.00 to $506,250.00

Do you have any tips on how to finance a barndominium?

Our credit experts at Reaves Buildings work with multiple financial lenders and institutions and provide you with options to finance your next barndominium or shouse. Our clients all have different financial needs and each situation is very unique in it’s own way. By having access to multiple lenders, Reaves clients will be able to look at the best mortgage options that best fit their needs.

Ready to Begin?

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