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Why We Are Moving To A Barndominium

Living in close proximity to your work or play is not a new idea by any means. For generations, humans built their homes, barns or stables right beside or within immediate walking distance to keep the daily chore list as simple and efficient as possible. Space was also a consideration. This trend is making a comeback as farmers, hobbyists and business-owners realize the benefits of barndominiums (aka barndo or shouse). 
Below, follow along with the Reaves Team as check out other ways to make your barndo dream a reality. 
Income Property
    • There are several advantages of adding a “granny unit” or small, comfortable and livable space to your barn. The dwelling can become a source of income, a portion of a manager or key employee’s compensation, or a way to increase security since a building that is lived in is less susceptible to vandalism or theft.
    • An apartment or full-scale housing addition can also serve as a home for a future caregiver if you choose to age-in-place, or it can become your future home when you are ready for a single-story and more accessible space when you’re older, transforming the main house into a future rental revenue source.

Weekend Home

    • Use it as a weekend home. Do you raise livestock on a remote piece of property? Do you own a rural piece of land out in the country? Rather than staying in your RV or camper, you can create a small studio or comfortable one bedroom space that makes a perfect weekend home when you need to check on the animals or are ready for a little getaway.
    • Your weekend home can also work as a potential weekend or vacation rental, easy to advertise on, where places like this are ultra-desirable to city dwellers or families who want a glimpse of rural life.

Simplify Your Life

    • After COVID-19, many couples and families strive to live a more simplified life. A barndominium makes that life possible. You have plenty of space to live, work, homeschool children or enjoy a mortgage-free life in a shorter amount of time because engineered wood frame buildings are so more affordable and efficient than their traditional counterparts.Take the example of a couple from North Texas.
    • While their home in an upscale Dallas suburb was beautiful and spacious, they were ready for a lower-maintenance lifestyle. They love horses so they sold their house in the suburbs and built a rural barndo on a beautiful piece of property. They were quoted as saying, “We don’t have a grand lifestyle, so why do we need a grand house?…There is a freedom in living simply.”

Enjoy Your Dream Property

    • For many, the cost of the acreage they want to own, work and live in puts a dent in their housing budget. With an engineered wood frame barn that has live-in capabilities, you can enjoy that 25-, 50- or 200-acre ranch property.
    • Your living expenses can be included in the budget instead of having to sacrifice acreage to incorporating the new construction budget for a separate home.

Barndominiums can be highly customized, creating an interiors that look every bit as attractive as a conventional home. They offer a way to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle at an affordable price, making it affordable and sustainable to live, work and play on a single piece of property. Still have questions about barndos? Check out our FAQs or fill out our online contact form.