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Barndominium FAQs

Barndominium FAQs (FAQ)

Have questions about Reaves barndominiums or want to learn more about them? Check out our FAQs here!

How much does it cost to build a barndominium?

Reaves customizes barndominiums based on your needs and barndo or shouse costs are unique to each building. Here is example pricing on a fully-finished barndominium (a completed house with a finished shop):

  • House is 1500 square feet (all on 1 level)
  • Shop is 2250 sq. ft
  • Total = 3750 sq. ft
  • Then, 3750 sq ft X $125.00 to $135.00 a sq ft = $468,750.00 to $506,250.00
How long does it take to engineer and build a barndominium?

Typically, 6 months but some can take longer.

How many square feet are included in a barndominium?

The answer above for the pricing question can give you a good sense of proportion. The shop is typically 1.5x as big as the house. If the ratio changes with more house square footage, then the cost per square foot goes up. If the proportion of shop space goes up versus the house, the cost per square foot goes down.

What colors do barndominiums come in?

Most steel suppliers have a standard 20 -25 colors that can be matched up in any combination – Custom colors can be done if customer requests it.

Does Reaves Buildings Customize Barndominiums or are they one-size-fits-all?

Reaves buildings are custom engineered. That includes our barndominiums. Some have similarities but every one is different than the last and the next.

Where does Reaves build barndominiums?

Reaves Buildings has built barndominiums in SD, Iowa, Minnesota and parts of Nebraska and North Dakota – they have been built in other locations but these are the bulk of our business. Eye on Keloland featured Reaves barndominiums in a news story.

Who do I contact if I want to build a Reaves barndominium?

Fill out the Reaves contact form, or find the salesman in the area that you are going to build in. Or call us and we’ll get a Reaves salesperson in touch with you!

Is there a barndominium brochure I can look at or more information?

Yes! The Reaves barndominium brochure is short and sweet, and great for sharing or emailing. You can also check out our gallery of barndominium projects.

Is there a difference between a barndominium and a shouse?

A barndominium and a shouse are not exactly the same building, but they are very similar. Technically, a barndominium is a more traditional barn building with living quarters like bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen. A shouse is a shop house and doesn’t always look like or need to have the traditional barn look.

Do you have any tips on how to finance a barndominium? Is it different from a home mortgage?

Our credit experts at Reaves Buildings work with multiple financial lenders and institutions and provide you with options to finance your next barndominium or shouse. Our clients all have different financial needs and each situation is very unique in it’s own way. By having access to multiple lenders, our clients will be able to look at the best mortgage options that best fit their needs.

Are there any special zoning requirements I need to research or a specific type of land parcel I need?

Research is always a good thing and recommended based on the difference of city vs rural requirements. There may not be special zoning requirements but larger municipalities typically discourage them especially if they have poles in the ground and neighborhood covenants might not allow them. For example, some neighborhoods require a certain pitch and only allow a certain amount of steel on the building. They are not typically seen in cities but smaller towns are usually more receptive. Feel free to contact us about your specific situation!