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At Reaves Buildings we understand that Dairy Production is a lifestyle of integrity and commitment to the continuous safe production of our Nation’s milk supply. That’s why we take time to listen, plan, and work with all aspects of how you need your buildings designed to accommodate the day-to-day operation and take you well into the future. We work with you, your equipment provider and others necessary to effectively design the spaces necessary for an efficient operation through a variety of style and construction options. We know you work hard and we will work just as hard to ensure that you have custom designed and engineered buildings you can depend on to safeguard your operation.

  • Custom dimensions – any length or width
  • Quality doors for added convenience and durability with a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Custom insulation packages
  • Steel or other finish packages available
  • Will build to your ventilation system needs.
  • Construction that leads to thermal efficiency with less leakage and corrosion
  • Built to withstand 105 mph winds in a C-exposure, which provides strong protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Snow loads designed to meet or exceed local building codes

Why Wood?

Learn why Reaves chooses wood and why you should choose it for your next product.