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Farm Shops + Storage FAQs

Farm Shops + Storage FAQs (FAQ)

Have questions about Reaves Farm Shops and Storage Buildings or want to learn more about them? Check out our FAQs here!

What is the difference between a farm shop, storage building, and a machine shed?

A shop is a finished building. It will have concrete, insulation, some sort of interior finish, lights, possibly an office and usually a small bathroom or a water source. A machine shed and equipment shed are the same thing by different names. A storage building is as it sounds but depending on what will be stored, it may have some or all the features included in a shop. 

    How much does it cost to build a machine shed?

    This can vary immensely depending on size and door configuration but a cold storage building with labor to erect it typically runs around $25.00 to $28.00 a sq ft. Buildings over 10,000 sq ft will be less and buildings under 5,000 sq ft will be more.

    How much farm machine storage/shed space I need?

    Location, access to doors from your property, size and quantity of items you want to put inside the shed, and budget are usually the deciding factors for most Reaves customers.

    Is a farm shop/storage a place I can store my camper, restored cars, boat, etc.?

    Yes, but if equipment is going to be stored long term, you will need to decide a few things. Do you need heat, electricity, water for your RV/Camper to be stored?  You will also want to adjust square footage, if you need space to move around and work, as well as store equipment in your farm shop/shed.

    Can I build a farm shop on land that is zoned residential?

    That completely depends on the location of the building. There might be size restrictions, height restrictions, covenants and access regulations.

    You will want to talk with your local municipality and zoning board/commission to see what is allowable in their neighborhood. If it’s allowed, Reaves can build it! 

    What is the benefit of a wood frame machine shed over a steel shed?

    A wood frame is easier to work with when installing, is typically more adaptable especially if appearance is important, is a renewable resource, is just as strong when engineered, easier to finish with a cleaner look, up to 30% more efficient when heating and cooling and can clear span up to 105’. Wood frame buildings are typically friendlier on your budget. Find out more about Reaves Buildings commitment to building with wood

    I want to replace an old farm shop, how do I start planning that project?

    The same thing as any building – location, access, size and quantity of items stored and budget. You should write a list of what you liked about the former building and what you didn’t like and address those issues with your Reaves sales professional, so they can help determine what size building will best fit your needs.

    We have never heard the customer say they wish they had made their building smaller.

    Is there a farm shops/storage building brochure I can look at or more information?

    Yes! The Reaves farm shops and storage brochure is great for sharing or emailing. You can also check out our gallery of farm shops and storage projects.