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What We Do

At Reaves Buildings Systems, Quality and Service are Our Cornerstones

Our engineering department conducts a meticulous review of each design, ensuring compliance with local structural building codes and exceeding industry standards. Prior to fabrication, every project undergoes thorough scrutiny by a third-party engineer to guarantee structural integrity. Our truss fabrication assemblers utilize state-of-the-art technology to craft durable, high-quality wood roof trusses, floor systems, and wall panels, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We prioritize responsible sourcing by partnering with companies that harvest wood sustainably and replenish the supply, ensuring environmental stewardship. Customer service is paramount at Reaves. We analyze each project individually to ensure structural integrity and quality, taking into account site-specific considerations, delivery constraints, and staging requirements. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in our triple-check system, where plans are meticulously reviewed to optimize cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, technology, software, and highly trained professionals, we ensure our components save you time, money, and labor on the job site.

At Reaves, we don’t just pay lip service to these principles; we believe in transparent communication and operational excellence. With years of experience, we’ve developed streamlined procedures that facilitate seamless project management across departments.Our dedicated sales team remains at the forefront of technology to provide ongoing support and accessibility throughout your project journey.



Lloyd was a perfectionist and that comes through in their buildings. They engineer their buildings to make them incredibly structurally sound and I was able to put myself in Reaves’ hands and know that I would be taken care of. The salesmen were there every step of the way to help ensure the building process went as smooth as possible. Reaves takes care of your buildings and they take care you as their customer.
Dave Greenlee

Reaves Buildings Customer