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Why Wood?

At Reaves Buildings,

We believe in the strength and value of wood. Based on our years of experience with wood, we know it can provide our customers with the strongest, longest-lasting, and most environmentally friendly building. And, wood does that naturally.

We’ve chosen wood for over 40 years. Take a look at our reasons, and we believe you’ll choose wood for your building project!

Strong and Environmentally Friendly

Wood is the only building material on Earth that is grown using the power of the sun. It is a renewable resource with a low carbon and energy footprint.

The strength of wood is unmatched and will hold that strength pound for pound against steel and concrete.

Both steel and concrete emit more pollutants than wood during the building process.
With an ever-changing industry, wood continues to be more environmentally friendly and is the longest-used building material on Earth.

Use of wood from sustainably managed forests can reduce the carbon impact of a project in many ways, as wood naturally emits less CO2 than any other building material.

The volume of annual net timber growth in the US is 36% higher than the annual timber removal volume. American landowners plant more than 2.5 billion trees every year.

Fire Safety

Though we at Reaves know that no building is entirely fireproof, even in the event of a fire, we still stand behind wood. Here’s why:

• When exposed to a fire, wood retains its strength longer than steel
• Wood does not ignite in a fire until it reaches 480 degrees (F), and even then, it develops a protective char layer that will help it keep its strength.
• Steel loses that strength at a lower temperature and has a melting effect causing it to be more dangerous.